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Citizen Power is a nonprofit public policy, research, education and advocacy organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania working on behalf of those less advantaged and those without a voice, to provide and further improve vital human services.

Citizen Power focuses primarily on two areas of societal needs – energy and health care.  On the energy side, Citizen Power works to promote the increased use of renewable energy and energy-efficiency technologies.  On the healthcare side, Citizen Power advocates for the establishment of a single-payer, universal service healthcare system.

Advocacy work is conducted on three tracks: (1) direct involvement in regulatory proceedings, (2) public education, and (3) direct consumer services.  At this time, we have four main projects to carry out our mission:

–          The Energy Advocacy Legal Project

–          The Energy Education Project / Sustainable Energy Workshops

–          Green Energy Collaborative

–          The Healthcare Advocacy Project

Please read about our projects and let us know if you would like to help further these causes. Our hope is to achieve a healthier, safer, more equitable world for all!



CITIZEN POWER exists to promote public understanding of, and involvement in, socio-cultural, economic and environmental issues and policy development. In furtherance thereof, Citizen Power will conduct research and make available objective, balanced information to all segments of the community, via the distribution of publications and participation in appropriate public fora.