Citizen Power has been deeply involved in the restructuring, or deregulation of the electricity generation industry. Citizen Power does not support deregulation of vital service. However, we are working to make deregulation as consumer and environmentally friendly as possible. We hope customers will learn to use energy more efficiently, and help build the market for renewable energy.

Even if there are alternative suppliers in the marketplace, there is no guarantee that customers will make environmentally friendly choices. Therefore, our challenge is twofold: one, to educate consumers so that they understand why it is important to choose cleaner energy sources and use energy more efficiently; and two, to advocate for policies that increase the use of renewable energy and energy-efficiency technologies.

Citizen Power believes that making renewable energy and energy-efficiency a significant part of the energy mix in this region, and in the country, will require a certain level of public understanding of how our energy choices impact our daily lives. It is our expectation that this understanding will encourage customers to use less energy and demand cleaner generation sources.

Public education on a subject as complex and unfamiliar as energy will necessarily be a slow and incremental process. But the opportunity is ripe because, for the first time, as consumers are making decisions about their energy supply, “green” technologies are becoming more readily available, and at reasonably competitive prices.

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